News and Press Release > Emperador hikes 2020 CAPEX by 50% to accelerate global expansion
Press Release | Alliance Global Group, Inc. | Emperador, Inc. | May 17, 2021

Emperador hikes 2020 CAPEX by 50% to accelerate global expansion

Emperador Inc., the largest global brandy company that owns the world’s iconic and best-selling brandy Emperador Brandy as well as Fundador Brandy, is increasing its capital expenditure to around 50% as it further expands its global footprint in various international markets.

“Last year, at the height of the pandemic, we held back on our capital expenditure so we spent around P1 billion. With the vaccinations underway, we expect some easing of pandemic restrictions this year and onwards with increased air travel, and overall, some form of normalcy,” says Emperador Inc. president Winston Co.

“As a global company, we constantly adapt to changing consumer behavior especially in a challenging and difficult environment. Consumers around the world react differently by region or country depending on how liquor is positioned or perceived as either an essential or non-essential product.  In the Americas, particularly the U.S., and in Europe, particularly the UK, where liquor is an essential product, sales are doing very well. In the U.S., we grew more than 20% while in the UK, we grew more than 30%. In China, we more than doubled our sales. In contrast, there have been liquor restrictions in certain areas in the Philippines over an extended period of time. Meanwhile, e-commerce is increasing its role in our business all over the world,” Co further adds. 

Emperador Inc., whose brandy and whisky products are available in more than 100 countries across six continents, is a publicly-listed company at the Philippine Stock Exchange.